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Storage Solutions, Cardboard Boxes, And How To Organize Your Renatl Unit

What do you need to know about choosing and organizing boxes for self-storage? Before you store your stuff, take a look at the top storage solutions and the ways to select, stack, and arrange cardboard boxes in a rental unit.

Choose the Right Types of Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard boxes are not all the same. There are thin boxes, thick boxes, big boxes for household storage, small boxes, boxes with dividers, boxes that are cubes, and boxes made for specialized wardrobe storage. Before you buy, borrow, or upcycle a box, consider:

  • How heavy are your items? Heavier weight items can fall through flimsy single-layer paperboard. If your to-store picks could put pressure on the box, select a heavy-duty or reinforced cardboard product.

  • How large are your items? The bigger the items are, the taller or wider the box you will need. You will need a specialized box, such as a round hat box, for awkwardly-shaped items.

  • How will you need to store the items? Some items require special storage. These may include dress clothes, shoes, or fine crystal. A wardrobe box, smaller shoe/boot boxes, and sectioned corrugated cardboard boxes can help.

Chances are you won't only need one type of box. Instead, you will need to choose several different weights, sizes, and shapes. A wide variety of cardboard boxes gives you storage options and can make it easier to pack your rental unit.

Stack the Cardboard Boxes the Right Way

There is no absolute right way to stack cardboard boxes. But there are a few wrong ways. To avoid breakage, and reduce the risks of pressure-related strain, check out these indoor storage solutions:

  • Stack equally-weighted boxes. Do you have a few boxes that are the exact same size and weight? If these boxes all contain the same type of item, stack them vertically. 

  • Never stack heavier boxes on top of lighter ones. This strategy will crush the bottom boxes and damage everything in them.

  • Match shapes and sizes. Even though weight is a primary factor, it isn't the only one. A long, thick box stacked on top of a slim cardboard container could easily topple over and break. 

You don't always have to create vertically stacked towers in a storage unit. If you have damage concerns or the boxes are too heavy to reasonably lift and stack, create a horizontal pattern on the floor with your containers.

Organize Everything Immediately

Don't wait to organize your boxes. Even though it's tempting to carry everything into the rental unit and then start sorting, this strategy could take up time that you don't have to spare. Instead of moving everything in and then organizing your boxes, create a blueprint ahead of time. Follow your plan as you move the boxes in. This will help you to maximize the storage space, minimize the time you spend on the process, and create an organized area.