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Four Reasons To Rent A Personal Storage Unit For Your College Student

Transitioning to college campus life is a big step for your student, and you want to make sure they have all the gear needed for success. Renting a personal storage unit provides a host of benefits for your family, so consider some of these reasons before you start making plans for your student's upcoming move to the dorms.

Dorm Room Shopping

A personal storage unit can serve as a staging area for all the items you purchase for your child's dorm room. You can purchase items throughout the months before the move, keeping everything in one place without cluttering your home. Choose a storage facility close to the college campus so you can quickly transition these items on move-in day. Store linens, towels, and other essentials in plastic storage bins, to make the move easier and to protect items from dust and dirt while in storage. You can also use this space to put ready-to-assemble furniture together ahead of time. This means you only need to move these items to the dorm on your child's first day on campus.

Off-Season Storage

Instead of having your college student move all of their belongings back home at the end of each school year, use the storage unit to keep essential dorm gear neatly arranged until the next school year begins. You'll only need to worry about moving clothing and other smaller items, which is ideal for a student attending school out of state. This option is also ideal if you plan to use your child's old bedroom for a new purpose, as you won't need to worry about finding space for all the items from the dorm. Be sure to arrange to travel to the campus on the following move-in day so you can help transport items to the new dorm room.

Apartment Prep

At some point, your college student may want to begin looking at off-campus housing. This means investing in furniture and other items that might not be needed for dorm life. Use the personal storage unit as a staging area for all the essentials your student will need to transition to apartment living. It might be a good idea to choose a storage facility that accepts deliveries. You can then order items online and have them shipped directly to the storage facility. This makes it easier for you to help out with purchasing items without having to drive them to the storage facility or the new apartment.

Athletic Gear Storage

If your college student is involved in sports, having a storage unit can provide the essential space to keep equipment and gear safely stored away. Some types of gear, such as hockey equipment and skiing equipment, might be expensive to replace. You and your college student may have reservations about keeping these items in a shared dorm room. A personal storage unit provides the added security you want while also keeping clutter at a minimum in your child's living/studying space.