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Three Ways To Maximize The Space In Your Storage Unit

When you are overwhelmed with clutter or the need to downsize your home, getting a storage unit can make restoring the balance of your life easier. Instead of getting rid of old treasures that you want to pass on to other family members in the future or selling furniture you may need if you move into a bigger house in a few years, you can store what you have until you need it again. Storage units come in a wide range of sizes, and their monthly rents are largely based on size (although conveniently located storage facilities also charge more for their units). To get the most out of your rent payments, follow these three methods of maximizing the space in your unit.

Make Use Of Stored Furniture

Emptying furniture before moving it to a storage facility is always a wise choice. You won't need to worry about packing away important items or storing perishable food in a hot storage facility if you clean out storage cubbies and drawers in each furniture piece that you move. But just because you remove everything you don't want to have stored, that doesn't mean that you can't pack those spaces with small items destined for the storage facility. Through making full use of every drawer and cupboard in your storage unit, you can maximize the amount of usable space you have in your unit. 

Store Items In Useful Groups

Since most people don't see the inside of their storage units for months at a time, forgetting where everything is stored is all too easy. Even if you intend to visit your storage unit frequently, navigating densely packed stacks of boxes and furniture can be difficult. To make each visit to your storage unit as stress-free as possible, store your items in a well-thought-out arrangement from the start. If all of your items are organized by room, frequency of use, or owner, finding what you need is easy. To make sure you remember how your belongings are organized, you can make a simple map of your unit and display it at the front of the unit for future reference.

Don't Forget About Vertical Space

If you have a lot to store and a small budget for your storage unit rent, you may need to make sure you use every inch of available space in your unit. When loading your belongings into the unit, place a few of the largest, heaviest items in the back of the unit first. Then stack progressively lighter items on top of them. As you move from the back of the unit to the door, keep stacking lighter items on top of heavy items, making neat and balanced stacks. If you pack your belongings tightly all the way to the ceiling, you may find that you have more space left over than you expected, allowing you to remove more clutter from your home in the future.