Moving? Enjoy The Journey

Moving Your Hot Tub To Your New Home

Moving a hot tub is a big job, and while some people want to do it themselves, the potential for an error that could damage the tub or for some to get hurt makes it impractical. Hiring a hot tub moving service is a better option for most people.

Getting Ready For The Move

Hot tubs are extremely heavy. Most of them weigh more than one thousand pounds without the water in them. Moving them requires plenty of manpower and some specific equipment to get the job done without damaging the hot tub.

Drain the water out of the hot tub, shut off the power and disconnect it, then disconnect any plumbing going to the hot tub. Once all the water is out, the moving service can bring the equipment and get ready to move the hot tub from its location to the truck.

Moving the Hot Tub

Once everything is ready, the moving crew will lift the hot tub onto furniture dollies and carefully roll the hot tub to the truck. If the truck has a ramp on it, the hot tub can roll up the ramp. 

If the truck has a lift gate, the movers will roll the hot tub onto the liftgate and raise it up, then roll it into the truck. Because of the weight of the hot tub, it may take four or even six people to move the hot tub, even on the dollies. 

Once inside the truck, the movers will use some straps to secure the hot tub, so it does not roll around during the move. 

Plumbing and Electrical

You are going to need to have a plumber and electrician come and install the water and electric for the hot tub once it is one site. If you can get the work down ahead of time, the movers can set the hot tub in place for you when they get it to the new location. 

Unloading The Hot Tub

When the hot tub arrives, the moves need to use special care as they unload the hot tub from the truck. If they are using a ramp, they may need more help holding the load as it rolls down the ramp, but let them handle it, so no one gets crushed by a runaway hot tub. 

Once the hot tub is back in place, the mover's job is done, and you just need to hook the hot tub up, fill it with water, and enjoy your hot tub in your new home.