Moving? Enjoy The Journey

Storage Tips For Time Between Moves

If you are going to be moving, but you need to store your belongings for a bit then you should store them in a way that allows you to efficiently move and to make the most of that storage unit. The tips here are going to help you to use the storage unit in a way that helps you to move easier and more efficiently. Here are the tips that you are going to want to keep in mind and try to be sure you follow.

Store your least needed items in the back

When you are going to be storing everything for the same amount of time, then it's normal to follow the rule of putting your appliances, furniture, and other bulky items in the back of the unit. However, if you are going to be needing to store some items longer than others, then you want to pack the unit differently.

Store everything that will remain in the unit longer against the back wall. Once you get to the part where you may need to begin moving or accessing some things sooner, be sure you mark the area. This way, when it comes to moving things back out, anyone helping you move will know right where to stop. Also, should you need to access things along the way, you won't waste your time digging around in things that won't have the items you are seeking.

Chart your important boxes

It's going to be easier in the long run if you chart everything. However, some people get in a rush and simply don't have the time to do this. However, if you may need to access certain things in your storage unit, then you want to be sure you chart all those boxes. You do this by writing down everything in the boxes you might need to get into. Give each box a number on the chart and write that same number on the box. This way, if you need to find a keyboard, then you look on the chart and see it is in box 12. You go to the storage unit and now all you have to do is locate box 12.

Take pictures of important items/boxes

If you can't chart anything and are in a rush, then take pictures of important boxes in the storage unit with your phone. Label the pictures with the items in the boxes that you may need to have access to later on.

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