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Unpacking Like A Pro: Four Tips To Make Moving Day Easy

When it comes to moving, you likely spend a lot of time planning how to pack your items. However, it's just as important to put that same amount of planning into the unpacking phase of your move. Here are some helpful tips you can use to unpack like a pro and get settled in quickly.

Identify Storage Items

Whether you will be storing items in your basement or a storage unit, it's a good idea to separate these items when you pack. This will make unpacking easier, as it prevents you from opening boxes that could otherwise remain taped up and packed away. Make sure that any boxes that will go into storage are clearly labeled. You'll want to add a label indicating that the items are intended for storage as well as what's contained within each box. Consider writing out a list for each box that details the contents. This will help you find items you have stored away later on.

Pack Smaller Boxes

Sometimes unpacking a large box filled with items can be a daunting task. For example, having a large box filled with kitchen items may not be easy to unpack. For every item in the box, you'll need to determine where it goes. This can take up precious time. Instead, pack smaller boxes according to shelf, drawer, or cabinet. For kitchen items, label a box for the cutlery drawer and another for the plate cabinet. In the bathroom, label boxes with towels for the linen closet and those with medications and personal items for the medicine cabinet. This system takes some of the guesswork out of unpacking.

Get Detailed With Labels

The more detail you have on your box labels, the easier it will be to find items while you unpack. The labels mean less time opening boxes to find an item you forgot you needed on the day of your move, and it also makes it easier to prioritize which boxes need to be opened first. If possible, consider purchasing large, blank stickers from your local office supply store. You can print out the list of contents for each box for even better packing organization.

Load The Truck In Reverse

Ask your moving company to load the moving truck in reverse of your priority list. Remember that the last items loaded onto the truck are the first ones to come off of it. Keep this in mind and stage boxes so the most important items are the ones that are loaded last. For example, plates, dishes, towels, and clothing should be last on the truck. Boxes intended for storage, books, and other nonessentials should be loaded first. As the less important items are unloaded from the truck, you can stage them in the basement, garage, or guest room and deal with them at a later time.