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Tips For Planning A Move During Unpredictable Weather Patterns

As you're packing, the leaves outside are falling to the ground. This is the season of unpredictable weather in many areas of the country. One day, the sun can be shining, the next, there's three inches of snow on the ground. Since the weather is so unpredictable, it can be hard to properly plan for the move. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you prepare for an unpredictable weather move.

Enlist the Help of Professional Movers

There are moving companies in business for a reason – to help people in the exact position in which you're in. These professionals are trained, insured and know how to handle the trucks that will be used to transport all of your things. You won't know what the roads will be like the day of the move until the day of the move, so hiring someone that actually knows how to drive the moving truck on all road conditions will help to avoid mishaps.

Disassemble Large Pieces

If you have large pieces of furniture, like couches, pianos or pool tables, considering disassembling them for easier transport. You can either do the disassembling yourself, or enlist the service of a company like The Couch Mechanic.

Plan for Soft Ground

With all of the precipitation and the changing temperatures, the ground can be very soft. The soft ground will make it difficult to wheel things across the lawn, and can cause problems getting the truck close to the home.

To prepare for the soft ground, look into purchasing some sheets of wood. The wood can be laid down on the ground to provide you with a solid surface to wheel dollies across and for the truck to drive on.

Plants and Electronics Preparation

Plants and electronics should never be exposed to freezing temperatures. If the temperatures are around freezing the day of the move, you will need to take a few extra steps to prepare these items for transport.

These items should be boxed – electronics wrapped well in bubble wrap or shipping paper – anything that will pad it. Don't tape the boxes closed until you're ready to move. Pick up a box of the instant hand warmers – those little sacks of bead-like material that you massage to get it to heat up. If the temperatures are low on the day of the move, activate the hand warmers and toss some of them in each box that has electronics or plants inside. This will provide enough heat to prevent freezing, but not so much heat that it damages the items inside.

Talk with your local movers to learn more about utilizing their services for your big move. Hopefully, the weather will be clear and dry, but preparing for the worst is always the best course of action to take.