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Three Different Types Of RV Storage And What You Can Expect To Pay

Some people are very fortunate to have enough space in their driveways to park their RVs. However, that definitely does not apply to everyone else. If you need a place to park your RV when you are not using it, here are three options for you to consider, plus their typical costs.

RV Park in the Open Air

This is a storage park that offers spaces to park your RV. There are wide aisles in between the rows so that you can back up, pull in, and pull out of your space. It is typically the least expensive option, and most of these "parks" do not have security beyond a chain-link fence. The price varies between twenty-some and a hundred dollars a month, depending on where you live.

Covered RV Storage

Covered RV storage is essentially an RV carport park. Each carport is built to be high enough to store an RV underneath. It is especially beneficial if you live where there is snow and ice for several months and you do not want the snow and ice to accumulate on your RV. It is more expensive than open-air storage but less expensive than storage unit garages meant for RVs and boat storage. You can expect to pay somewhere between fifty and three hundred dollars a month depending on where you live and the scarcity of open spots/availability.

Garage RV Storage

If you want really super-secure storage and total control over weather damage, you can pay the most to secure an extra large, extra tall RV storage garage. Many storage unit facilities offer a few of these along with the rest of their storage units of a smaller size. Some storage facilities may specialize in providing just the RV garage storage, which would be a bit of good luck if such a facility exists in your area.

The garage spaces completely house your RV to prevent drains on the battery, protect against wind and weather damage, and keep out animal pests. These units also effectively prevent human intruders and squatters because people would have to physically break into your unit to get into your RV, and that is not likely to happen. You can expect to pay anywhere from ninety dollars to four hundred dollars a month to store your RV in one of these places based on location and availability. Most people prefer to go with a cheaper storage option.